Sunday, January 07, 2007

Good News in a Thank You Note

Do you guys remember the bell ringer from Iraq? Here's good news from her.
I read about her on Flag Gazer's site during Christmas. Tonight I read another interesting story over there about a beauty queen relinquishing her crown to go to Iraq. Click on Flag Gazer's site in our links. It's a good read.
Greetings from Iraq! First of all, I want to THANK YOU for your
generosity in making a donation to the Salvation Army and my
e-kettle. Second, I want to apologize for writing this mass
thank you letter. I received over 60 donors and it would take
me quite some time to write each person individually, although I
would really love to.

I first set a modest goal of $500 because I had no idea how much
I would be able to raise. With the publicity my e-kettle
received, I was able to set my final goal to $4000 and raise
just over that! With that money the Salvation Army will be able
to feed over 70 small familes for three weeks, shelter over 75
individuals, amongst other things. The holiday season of many
will be improved because of all of you. For this I am so
grateful to each one of you. I wish I could be there to help
the SA help these people, and to give each of you a big hug, but
obviously this is not possible right now. I hope you know
though, how much I appreciate you and your generosity, as well
as how much the many people you have helped appreciate it.

I received donations from many friends and family, friends of
the Army, and also many people that I do not even know. Some
donations were huge, my largest single donor was $700 (THANKS!!)
but even the smaller ones were just as appreciated. I
encouraged friends in Iraq with me even to contribute $5-10
because it all adds up. Every day when my e-kettle was up I
excitedly checked my e-mail to see if I had new donations and
was amazed at the generosity of all of you (ask my friends, I
updated them daily as well!!).

Sorry if this is a bit repetitive, I just want you all to know
how much your donations mean to me. Thanks again. I will see
some of you in a few months when I make it back to the states.

Take care and God bless.
Lacy Marie Hennessy


Flag Gazer said...

Her note made me twice as glad that I helped! What a sweet girl!

De'on Miller said...

I know. To take time out to do that all the way from Iraq. I bet it excited a lot of people!