Saturday, November 11, 2006

My Response to Virgie; to Mom

My mom sent me an email today to send to Steve in Iraq. It is posted beneath mine. Mom wanted to respond to Steve's Some Truth in 'Stay the Course.'

...okay, I'm sending it. I'm also posting it. I think it's important for every voice to be heard (even mine, which I'll readily acknowledge is weak).

My voice: I love our Commander In Chief. I love Rummy now--even though the Army has been against him since this first kicked-off.

I love them because my heart doesn't feel sick inside about them when they act so human.

I think Rummy had to go because from what I hear and see (from propaganda on both sides), he was losing support and it seems to me that when one loses support, the reason doesn't matter; it just matters that we get the job done, whatever it takes.

I freely gave my son. I have supported Bush as much as a little person like me can support a Commander In Chief. I pray for him. I believe he is a human being with the hardest job in the world. And I believe he seeks God's wisdom on most decisions. I don't believe he does on everything because like the rest of us, he is human and hates to be wrong. I don't mean WRONG in going to war.

I fully support the Global War on Terror and I believe the President is just and wise in taking action.

Strategy is of the utmost importance. War is ugly. But if we want to win, we take it to the place where it can best be fought. We're not playing hopscotch. A rule of war: go in it to win or don't go in at all.

Know Your Enemy. That's where we've failed. Few but God could have known our enemy.

We are raised with freedom. We can't comprehend it fully without losing it.

My heart: This isn't going to be good. We didn't know our enemy. I don't know that we fully do now. I don't think that's even possible. I don't want to get inside their minds. To say that hatred is not a force that is to be dealt with is wrong. And I don't think anyone is saying that. I think many can't understand it.

God rarely brings us missions that are clearly defined or even understandable. The easiest thing on "me" would be to bow out of all of this. But I know that's not what my Creator wants for me just now.

I hurt and mourn now more than ever. Not for Aaron. I mourn for all of us here. I mourn for those who've given up someone they love, oh yes, so very much. But that's not all of it. Perhaps I mourn for what is to come.

But it's there. I don't care any longer about the WMD. I believe there were weapons of mass destruction, but certainly not to the extent that we were led to believe. Perhaps they were taken out of the country before we invaded. I don't know, but that doesn't capture my attention quite like the enemy's ideology does.

As far as Steve goes, I feel about him like I do President Bush. I don't agree with him on everything, but I believe he and I are supposed to stick with what we are doing. Just like I love President Bush, I love Steve and am thankful that he loves our troops in much the same way as I do.

Steve was brought into my life...evidently not for the warm cozy feelings that I'd hoped for, but when I think about it, I realize how naive it would be to think I might not learn something on this new journey in my life. Otherwise, what would be the point?

And to my family...I will always love you. I love you all in a way that has been earned on the journey that was brought into my life 2-1/2 years ago.

I can't say it enough. I know it sounds trite by now, but it is the troops' welfare I'm concerned with. I don't know why. I just know it's more important to me than my house, my appearance, my sleep and yes, even my family right now. I feel guilty about that. My dad is ill, my sister overworked. I know what I'm doing to those around me. I think if it had been right after April 26, 2004, everyone would have understood that. And I think you do now, though you must wonder about my state of mind at times.

I've never been more sober and I've never been more heartbroken. And it's not for Aaron as it once was. I feel Aaron's peace more than ever.

I am a diplomat. It's the easier road. And truly, I don't believe diplomacy is going to be the answer.

As far as investigation, I don't think about it. Maybe I should more. But I believe that since our President holds the most powerful position in our government, he must be held to a higher standard. I also believe that his integrity, over all, will be revealed. No doubt, we'll find out things that will cause us to argue and speculate, but God will protect His Word and He will be there for His children.

And in the end, He will have His Way.

Virgie's Point of View

…and Bush to be held accountable for what Steve...trying?

For God's sake we were attacked on 9 /11. Were we supposed to set on our duffs while Washington discussed what not to do?..yeah right... It's a war for God's sake...Kick ass take names later just as it always has been...winner take all cause there are just two sides winners and losers...Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction and used it on his own people...he said he had them...what were we supposed to do, yell liar-liar pants on fire..

When he invaded Kuwait the far East couldn't get there fast enough. War has always been fought over oil...that's what makes us a superpower.. duh!

And just who is going to conduct these hearings? If everyone in Congress is honest there won't be a stone thrown. Charlie Rangel, a man who didn't finish high school asked yesterday who would want to live in Mississippi?but didn't mean to offend anyone...come on you learn better than that in pre-school.

Then there's John Kerry, who is sorry we misinterpreted his little joke about our stupid, cold blooded Genghis Kahn... He threw his medals over the White House fence in protest...and now they reside in his office. I guess someone in the White House saved them for him until he became a politician himself. One he received for shrapnel from his own weapon.

I voted for Clinton both times or rather the first time and then against Congress for their hearings on his dumb-stick the second time.

De’on asked me once what would have happened if Hitler had won WW11...I told her we would all have been making candles out of the Jewish people and it's true. We are on a slippery slope here.

I want our military to win whatever it takes, period, and if it takes a long tall Texan to figure that out, then God bless him.

The Jewish people have a right to exist and I stand behind them. If anyone disagreees after knowing what they endured during WW11 --then they are heartless.

Steve you are over there but you don't know all their thoughts. There's as much difference in them as there is between De'on and Cindy Sheehan.

Let us be truthful. There are 2 sides to everything.

Veterans Day 2006

Thank You

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