Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Virgie Bell's View

Don’t you just love it when one minority tees off another minority and when it blows up in the face of the newly elected majority in our capital? I promise you if I could have written a script for the latest little tizzy among the top elites, I couldn't have come up with anything better for a screenplay. It took me right back to when Ross Perot was running for president. I went to a little league ball game and had a neighbor tape a speech I wouldn’t miss by Mr. Perot. Well people, let me tell you, I have taped only one show in sixteen years. I mean, he had my hopes up through the roof and all the new buzz was everywhere. Bumper stickers and signs were everywhere, and my heart leapt with fervor that I hadn't felt since I lived with my mother and daddy. Well Mr. Perot ruined the whole thing when he had a gathering of black voters and he called them "you people" and the black voters walked out on him. I was as stunned as Mr. Perot. I have tried not to use the title you people again in my life. I now say we the people, but I am the first to admit my conversation is sadly lacking. I can say white trash until I am blue in the face because you see, I am white trash. I am also a redneck and I knew Mr. Perot was a redneck.

It is really just better to stay home and read until you end up finishing The DaVinci Code and come to the end only to ask God to forgive you because you have been blasphemous (maybe) by reading this book (because you had studied art in college and thought he was an artist.) I am reading one right now and I am jittery about this one. Several times I have tried to ask God to lead me, but anyway, you get my meaning. It is getting to the point I can almost understand Cindy Sheehan with her porn habit. I never thought I would pray my way through a novel but I am there. I noticed that the Da Vinci Code was the biggest best seller in years, and I have looked at the best seller list and been ashamed that I helped.

But anyway, Barney Frank, the openly gay congressman tried to take advantage of Hurricane Katrina and said that the republican majority took advantage of that catastrophe and used the opportunity to try to wipe out the black population. Well the black caucus in D.C. is throwing a hissy fit because they say Barney Frank is a racist. In a way it is so refreshing that these two minorities are duking it out and I don't have a dog in this race. Oh thank you God I am finally neutral. I don’t know what the NAACP will do about this. Two sides, two issues, two rights, and two wrongs. I mean don't you just love it? And we are hot on the trail of Sandy Berger I see, and I do have a dog in that race, and I love playing gotya. And just so all my beloved readers will know, I am right on the trail of the latest Prince William’s bride-to-be and the paparazzi. Finally, off of dull boring Prince Charles and Camilla. You know, this may not be such a bad year after all...SUPPORT THE TROOPS

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