Sunday, January 07, 2007

Docs Duty

If any of you are new to the Docs Duty series, it is a series about Corpsmen. While we've focused on Doc Duty who is currently stationed at Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan, we will continue looking at the Corpsman and his important history for a while here at Gunz Up.

Doc did his initial training for this assignment as an Instuctor for the Afghanistan National Army medics at Camp Shelby, MS near Hattiesburg, MS. He then went to medical pre-deployment training in San Antonio at Camp Bullis, TX, to Kuwait for in-processing, finally reaching Camp Phoenix November 15, 2006. He'll remain there until the first of December of this new year.

I appreciate Doc sharing these photos with us as well as any news he can send our way.

He seems not only hopeful, but even a little impressed with the ambition of the ANA and the medics there.

Doc, Gunz Up appreciates your efforts and service. And to "the Corpsman" everywhere, we thank you, and like the brothers you fight along beside, we love the courageous care you provide to those in need everywhere, the dedication to service you've consistently portrayed throughout our nation's history, and more than anything, we love the way you love them.

You truly are,
Semper Fi,

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aunt karen said...

All of these photos are so great! Thank you so much Doc Duty for sharing, and giving your time to Gunz Up. I love learning more about our Corpsmen. God bless you.