Sunday, January 07, 2007

Exciting News for Gunz Up

Sgt. Billy Knipper has been good enough to heartily agree to joining us here and posting any and everything to do guessed it! GUNNERS!Pictured above from left to right: Cpl John Harrell and Sgt. Billy Knipper are shown pictured with the sign in front of the building that was dedicated to Aaron's memory and carries his name.

Sgt. Knipper, who has served as the Chief Instuctor for Camp Pendleton's Divisional Machine Gun classes, has taught his last class there. The USMC's bad news is good news for us. We feel very fortunate in getting someone so qualified to inform us here on the thing my son loved as much as anything I know of: the gun.

Cpl. Harrell wrote the dedication for the building. He served with Aaron since Boot Camp and was medically retired after being injured in Fallujah.

Sgt Knipper is busy getting settled in his new home. Once he's hooked up and running on his computer again, he'll be with us. I can't wait!

Semper Fi,


Steve Ramos said...

It's great that you're joining us, Sgt. Knipper. Thanks for doing it.

De'on Miller said...

Here! Here! We loved you a long time ago, huh, Steve?