Friday, January 12, 2007

Virgie Bell's View

Well I just checked out the new trends in clothing for the coming year to find out if I happened to have anything that would qualify as trendy. The trend says no arm candy, meaning no matter how cute the pet, do not use it as a fashion accessory. Poor Tony, I had my heart set to carry him around a la Paris Hilton. Antique jewelry is hot, hot, hot, and I have a lot, lot, lot, so I am cool there. No Booties, which I wasn't going to anyway, but I liked them on Karen's mom. I also like that she still gets in there and gives it a go to look snazzy. You go girl!

And for those of us with inquiring minds, the ratings are through the roof with loud mouth Rosie on The View, so much so that even Barbra Wa-Wa is going loud-mouth herself. I have asked my husband to get us hooked up to HBO or something, or I'm going to stroke-out over my politics. It's HBO or watch Oprah, and you know her show is about man-bashing, and I don't think I have the energy to hate Jerry.

I wish American Idol would screen a little closer so we didn't have to watch so many people make such fools of themselves... It should be more like Dancing with the Stars. It was a snazzy trip from the get go.

I noticed that the Super Bowl is next month, so finally, good-bye, for a short while anyway, to the evenings husbands are glued to the tube while we set there ignored.

I keep looking outside and can hardly wait for summer to get here; and out to the yard I'll go. Got some ideas I want to try out-doors this year. I really love the time that things just start to bloom and first peek through the soil. It is like God says, "Here I Am.... See!" SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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De'on Miller said...

What? You still have some jewelry left? You've been holding out on me! lol :)