Tuesday, January 09, 2007

To Be ... the pictorial visit of Admiral Mullen

LCDR Mike Read, LT Richard Windham and Admiral Mullen traipse through the moon dust at a combat outpost in western Iraq.
Admiral Mullen addressing the troops at an all hands call in Al Asad, Iraq.
UT2 Richard Hendrix, explains the MRE heater to Admiral Mullen, as BU3 Jeff Cox enjoys his lunch.
Admiral Mullen discusses the Al Asad runway project with SW2 Christopher Green and EO1 Donald Bradford
What did you think of Admiral Mullen, Rich?


aunt karen said...

Rich said while they were building COP South, he hosted visits from higher-ups all of the time. He said he would always give them the "tour". I remember after this visit, Michelle e-mailed telling me about it and how she complimented Richard on his public speaking to the higher-ups. Both of my brothers have this wonderful talent that I did not inherit. Rich was always proud to show what his Seabees had accomplished, and he had every right!

De'on Miller said...

You inherited it too, my little Brownfield love! You can talk to anyone.

I found a poster for Navy football and wanted to post it and discuss Johnny a bit and what he did, but the poster was protected or something, because it would not load. Maybe I can find one that isn't somebody's that they are not trying to make money off of and use it. They had so many neat ones, mostly WWII of course, but that is when the Bees got their wings!