Friday, January 12, 2007

WWII Brief: Marine Captain Marion Carl and 'The Little Woman' they happened to be sitting a few weeks ago, dreamy-eyed, on the front porch of Marion's farm home near Hubbard. It was the last day of their eleven-day honeymoon, half of which Marion had spent traveling over the state on a bond-selling tour....

Life November 30, 1942


(The Little Woman is what Greg calls me.... :)

We've got to have a little of the mushy stuff, too. After all, love and war!


Marion Carl lived to be 82 years old, and then a shocking thing you know? Click here for the rest of Marion Carl's story.


Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

That is THE sweetest picture! What an amazing man.

De'on Miller said...

I love these kind of stories, and then when I read his widow's name, "Edna," it thrilled me that they had been together all these years.

Thank you!