Saturday, January 13, 2007

TEST TIME! Test 2 Part A

Hello Students:

I'll bet you thought since I had company, I would forget about your test!


The kids, to include Donna, are at the casino in Hobbs, so I was able to pull this off nicely! YEA!

Due date and further instructions are listed at the bottom of Part C.

I will accept questions BEFORE you start your test. And yes, of course, it's OPEN BOOK. But please, do not look at your neighbor's paper or you will receive an automatic zero.

Thank you and good luck!

1. a. Who is the current MCPON in the Navy? =2 pts.

b. What’s the name of the MCPON that visited NMCB 22 while COP South was being built? = 2 pts.

2. a. When the Marines first landed on Guadalcanal, how many meals a day were they given? =2 pts.

b. What Japanese food did the Marines become accustomed to because of these limited rations? = 2 pts.

c. The reduction in rations lasted for _____ weeks. = 2 pts

3. What does LVT (1) stand for? = 2 pts.

4. a. What unit does Doc Duty belong to? = 2 pts.
b. Who does he train? = 2 pts.

5. The French Armored Field Ambulance holds 1 patient and what 4 passengers? = 8 pts.

6. COP South is located near which of Iraq’s borders? = 2 pts.

7. Name 4 provisions of aide that LT Windham and his Seabees provided as they built a city out of “nothing.” = 8 pts.

8. What issue of the Double Deuce did LT Richard Windham publish an article about LCpl. Aaron C. Austin, USMC in? = 2 pts.

9. a. What was Operation Steel Curtain? = 2 pts.
b. Why was it important? = 2 pts.
c. What larger operation was it a part of? = 2 pts.

10. a. What is the HM rating symbol called? = 2 pts.
b. The symbol's origins are thought to date back to ___________ in________ = 4 pts.

11. True or False: 2nd Battalion 1st Marine Regiment 1st Marine Division fought at Guadalcanal. = 2 pts.

Total points contained in Part A of this test = 50

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