Saturday, January 06, 2007

Virgie Bell's View

First of all, I want to make it perfectly clear, or as John Kerry said, crystal clear; I am not running for President of the United States. Yes, you got it right; I am not a candidate. My hat is not in the ring and I will not change my mind. I am the first to admit that I know this comes as a shock to everyone, especially all of those who are at the present either running, or about to run, for this coveted office. In the first place, after due consideration, I do not have 75,000 close friends. I tried for at least one hundred friends and relatives to send my Christmas cards to. I couldn't even get that far. I’m left with half of those I purchased. This is after I added slight acquaintances and even a few I detest, but still, I wasn’t able to mail more than fifty cards.

It hurts me to admit that I’m not from politically famous family. I am also sadly lacking in the brood mare category in having five children in six years. I come from humble beginnings, but even that is not good enough. I am a white married female and we are all married to blue collar workers. I think we have one or two lawyers on the horizon but that is by marriage, not blood kin, so you can see I really have nothing to offer my fellow Americans in the way of credentials.

My beginnings are not even humble enough. I am not half-white, just plain old white on rice white. I am also not near cute enough, and there aren’t any freezers around here that will hold 90,000 dollars earned in an absolutely pure and innocent way. For a while I thought that I had something to offer, but this, Virgie’s View, is all I've got to offer and De'on is the most famous among us. In other words, I’m not very famous. I also want to make this very clear, as in crystal clear: I don't want anyone to overlook this as just another botched joke that all of you are too ignorant to understand, and I am already packed up to go into rehabilitation, or politics. I just haven't made up my mind which, so for just now, let me just say that I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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