Sunday, January 07, 2007

Docs Duty: Please Get Down

Corpsman 2nd Class (E-5) Jason (Doc) Duty is pictured in the turret here.

Questions for Doc:

  1. What type of weaponry is available to you up there?
  2. Is riding in the turret a regular job for someone on your team, or do you all do this?


Doc Duty said...

There is a variety of weapons based on the mission available to us, for small stuff and riding in the middle of the convoy, we usually use SAW's (M249 5.56 machine guns) and 240's (as you well know the 7.62 medium machine gun) there are alos .50 cals and MK-19 grenade launchers available should we need them. This is a regular job for us, but I usually volunteer to do itdue to the cold it was 5 below yesterday morning and guess who was in the turret , I like the machine gun!!!

De'on Miller said...

I kinda thought you might.