Saturday, January 13, 2007

TEST 2: Part B

Multiple Choice: 2 pts. each

12. Doc Duty was stationed with Aaron’s unit for:

a. 3 years
b. 2 ½ years
c. 3 ½ years
d. none of the above

13. Doc Duty is now rated as a Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class. This rating is equivalent to which pay grade?

a. E-5
b. E-6
c. E-3
d. None of the above.

14. Doc Duty is currently stationed in:

a. Afghanistan
b. Iraq
c. stateside
d. The Horn of Africa

15. Doc Duty has close ties with:

a. Aaron
b. Sgt. Rettenberger
c. Sergeant Major Skiles
d. All of the above.

16. According to Doc Duty, the ANA’s weapon of choice is the:

a. Lugar
b. AK-47
c. M-16
d. None of the above.

17. LT. Richard Windham

a. Was OIC for important building projects in Iraq
b. Is Karen’s brother
c. Attended Aaron’s funeral
d. All of the above.

18. LT Richard Windham’s profession is that of a

a. civil engineer
b. busboy at Applebee’s Restaurant
c. cook in the navy
d. both a & c

19. LT Richard Windham spent Christmas of 2005 in

a. Brownfield, Texas
b. COP South (Iraq)
c. Working a double shift at Applebee’s
d. Afghanistan

20. LT Richard Windham is now

a. an officer in the USNR
b. a Seabee with NMCB 22 headquartered in Fort Worth, TX
c. both A & B
d. None of the above.

21. While in Iraq, LT Windham and his Seabees built or re-built

a. The Green Zone
b. Bridges and cities
c. Hosted Admiral Mullen on a tour of the Seabees accomplishments
d. None of the above

22. The 1st Marine Division’s patch

a. has a recognizable “1”
b. has the word Guadalcanal
c. is worn by every member of the 1st Marine Division on their left arm
d. both a & b

23. General Vandegrift

a. served as General of the 1st Marine Division at Guadalcanal
b. advised President Bush before going into Iraq in 2003
c. served as General of the ANA
d. all of the above

24. During WWII:

a. heavy conservation measures were taken
b. because of the boom of the war, people spent freely and conserved very little
c. more than half the country did not support the war or American troops
d. it was thought the U.S. entered the war much too early

25. The reason “the teach” is interested in Guadalcanal is primarily because

a. her son’s unit has history there
b. her Uncle Lonnie’s unit has history there
c. she doesn’t really have an interest, but just copies that stuff up there for us
d.she was stationed there

26. The reason “the teach” is interested in Bougainville, Guam, and Iwo Jima is primarily because

a. her son’s unit has history there
b. her Uncle Lonnie’s unit has history there
c. she doesn’t really have an interest, but just copies that stuff up here for us
d. she was stationed there

Part B is worth 2 pts. each for a total of 30 points.


Steve Ramos said...

I regret to tell you that I received a letter from the registrar, telling me that because of my poor academic performance, I have been expelled from school and can't take any tests. The letter informs me that I am barred from participating in any classroom activitiy since it is obvious that prior participation didn't do me a lick of good. Those are the registrar's words, not mine.

They hurt me deeply.

De'on Miller said...

nice try. it won't work.

aunt karen said...

Awww, c'mon, Steve. I thought you would still be wielding that crowbar! You will probably beat me in the essay anyway, with your journalistic writing skills, but I'm up for a try! Besides, I thought De'on was the registrar!

De'on Miller said...

I am! I'm the boss of everything! And what are you doing up so early? Do you work today?

aunt karen said...

I'm off for Martin Luther King Day today. I woke up early so I thought I would do some more of my tests. I just got Gary off to work, he was home the last 2 days due to the ice storm. It doesn't look much better to me out there, but he says it is and they are going to try it.
Has someone been signing their Mother's name on excuses to the office? Just a rumour I was curious about.

De'on Miller said...

Is someone signing their Mother's names? Steve is always up to something.

I'm anxious to read your essay. I know it will be great. All of them will, if they don't quit me first. I sent an email to Doc and Sgt Rett, telling them their test was up. I'm sure they appreciated that but they've not sent a response sharing their thanks for the test, teach to me yet. :)

I've been unloading wood. I've got a toasty fire going again. I went through a cord in less than a month.

The man who came was 83. We worked well together. A few breaks and coffee. Finally I got in the back of his truck and started throwing it over the fence. We were freezing. He'd had heart attacks and heart surgeries 8 years ago, then started doing this. People are amazing to me.

My birdies are with me, yes. They're so beautiful and look like the fat ones that were perched upon the highline wire today while we worked. Mr. Johnston pointed them out to me. I said yes, I use bird seed like I use wood.

Steve Ramos said...

I just can't believe that y'all would think I would stoop to making an excuse for not taking the test. And if I have to take it, then I want Karen in another room cause I know, I just know, she's gonna be looking at my paper.

Oh, I have a doctor's excuse, too, that says the tumor has grown on my brain and any exertion could cause it to explode. Something like that. He wrote it all in medical jargon, so I can't make heads or tails of it. The gist of it is that I can't take any tests cause of medical condition.

Besides, I don't want to deprive Karen of first place honors. Bless her heart.