Thursday, January 11, 2007

Corpsman listed POW/MIA

Only one flag besides the Stars and Stripes that represents the United States has ever flown over the White House in Washington, DC. Only one flag is ever displayed in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. That flag is not one that represents an individual state, branch of service, or other select group. It is the POW/MIA (Prisoners of War/Missing In Action) Flag that calls to mind the sacrifice and plight of those Americans who have sacrificed their own freedom, to preserve liberty for all of us. It's presence serves to remind us that, while we enjoy the privileges of freedom, somewhere there are soldiers who have not been accounted for and may, in fact, be held against their will by the enemies of Freedom.

Ten Hospital Corpsman have not been accounted during the Vietnam Conflict. Originally twelve, the two Corpsman whose remains were identified are Hospitalman Ronald James Manning, USN (Oct, 2000), and Hospital Corpsman Third Class Malcolm Thomas Millter, USN (Apr, 2005).

Hospital Corpsman Third Class, Peter Robert Bossman, USN
Hospitalman Donald Chester Dean, USN
Hospital Corpsman Third Class Manuel Reyes Denton, USN
Hospital Corpsman Third Class Roy Gillman Fowler, USNR
Hospital Corpsman Third Class John Henry Garner, USN
Hospital Corpsman First Class Bernard Gause, Jr., USN
Hospital Corpsman Third Class Michael Barry Judd, USN
Hospital Corpsman Second Class Michael Louis LaPorte, USN
Hospitalman James Patrick McGrath, USN
Hospital Corpsman First Class Thomas Aquinas Parker, USN


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