Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hey Everybody, especially Doc Duty!

This is a great post at Flag Gazer's. It's worth the read and I particularly wanted Doc Duty to read it since he's in Afghanistan. Click here for a great post.

It's loud at my house! Greg has us maxed out with the Colt's game and Donna, Jerrod, Shawna, Kayla and Weston are here.

Hennessy and Isaac have just left out their pet door to go into the freezing cold weather, not to get away from the kids, but the wrath of Greg against the refs.

Hope things are good where you are. I'll be back!


Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

De'on, I know what you mean with the noise level. We have that issue at my house when certain teams are playing. You should have heard it when the poor Cowboys lost. Frankly I don't know why they yell when no one but me can hear them. It's not like they are helping the team! ;)

Doc Duty said...

That is a great post, I don't personally know the lady who wrote it, but she holds true the feelings of all of us who work at our mission here.

De'on Miller said...

Thanks for your comments minutemom and Doc Duty!

I love the hearts of people who touch and are touched by others. All of you are so important, Doc. I knew that before, but I've learned so much about those you are a part of and I'm mightily impressed!

Semper Fi Mom, the Colts won, thank goodness, and yes, when the Cowboys lost, the men in my family went into depression for the entire week. Well, probably the rest of the season.

There's always next year!