Monday, January 08, 2007

Virgie Bell's View

I get amused sometimes at some of the things we say as to why we feel the way we feel about issues close to our hearts, such as our belief in which party we choose to vote for or our choice to cross party lines. As if our choice is more intellectual or more right or wrong, or the way we feel about whom we are and what made us that way.

I never thought in my life that I would defend anything about a Republican President, but I found out during Desert Storm and Desert Shield how quickly I was capable of a change, when overnight I was absolutely one hundred percent for President George Bush Sr. Let a military uniform appear on the horizon and I am for the Commander in Chief. Hope springs eternal in the heart of most human beings and there is never more reason for hope than when those who defend are also our loved ones. I saw Lisa completely break down when she thought she might have been wrong. I so much want George Bush to be the man for the job that my hope and belief are almost supernatural. I guess it is in the need to believe because so much depends on them.

I am super sensitive to others with different opinions than I have. Like a Mama bear I am ready to fight over my cubs. I have heard over and over about Cindy Sheehan and how she has the right to say whatever she wants because she lost a son in this war. But now she is screaming for funds to be cut off from our troops in order to bring our troops home and I despise her actions. She was a worker in some job for her church and was later fired because of inappropriate behavior. She was also into pornography in a big way, so even though that may not have anything to do with how she feels as a mother, it makes us so far apart that she is like looking at a really homely version of Anna Nichol Smith. Maybe I'm wrong, but there it is for me.

I was always a loud mouth in my views when I was a Democrat and my friend was a Republican. Once, not long after we’d each married, still in the flush of new love you might say, she made the remark that her husband had called Bush Sr. some ugly remark, and she thought it cute. Well I flared up suddenly and let her know I was behind him one hundred percent, because we were at war then, and now that we are at war again, I do not take the Cindy Sheehan’s of the world lightly. But can you imagine how embarrassing it was to vote for Dukakis, after he looked so ridiculous in that tank and in that helmet? Still, I did it anyway. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

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