Sunday, January 07, 2007

Here it is ... my favorite time of the day! Hello, everybody. You're all good, I hope. Nothing shaking here but the leaves on the trees and actually, they're rather calm too. The wind has been incredible here.

Tonight is Guadalcanal night for me, so I'll be heading there soon. Just wanted to let you know I'm here and that Billy Knipper is here too! Did you see his name up there? Huh? Did ya? I'm excited if you can't tell. The level of his enthusiasm alone makes me very happy, and like I told him and Steve, it's what we've been missing. Nothing like a gunner around to keep things exciting!

Well, guess I'll go get to it then. It's a beautiful Sunday.



Flag Gazer said...

Hi De'on~
Enjoying the Guadalcanal series - that you!

The kids are out with some friends so I have a minute to catch up on some reading!! We've had such a treat to have them here!!!


Flag Gazer said...

That should be thank you in the first line - geez!!!

De'on Miller said...

Glad you're out> I've been sifting through my old magazines which are all but totally loose from their covers and their mates!

Getting there!