Friday, January 12, 2007

WWII Brief: Life Goes on a Marine Ace's Honeymoon

Marion Carl, who shot down 16 Jap planes at Guadalcanal, takes his New York bride home to Oregon for a visit

Last October Marion Carl, 26-year-old-Marine captain with the "Fighting 23" (LIFE, Dec. 7) brought down his sixteenth Jap plane in the Solomons. A few weeks later he was back in the U.S. addressing Grumman aircraft workers with Major John Smith, his squadron leader. At a party afterward he met Edna Kirvin, a Powers model who had come to help entertain the boys.

She and Marion liked each other from the start. After they had spent several days together seeing New York, Marion asked her to marry him.

Edna thought they ought to wait, and Marion flew on home to Oregon. But in a few days he reappeared at Edna's home in Brooklyn to ask her again, and next time he went West Edna was with him, and she was Mrs. Carl.

Top: Mrs. Carl brings out family photos and Edna (center) studies pictures of Marion as a boy on the farm. Marion's brother Manton and his wife are at right.

Bottom left: Edna's first motorcycle ride is part of introduction to the farm. Manton, Marion's younger brother, who is a first lieutenant in the Army, is driving. He and Irene (left) were married seven months ago.

Bottom Right: Learning to shoot a .22 is another "first" for Edna. Marion and Manton showed her how, but she didn't like it, shuddered when Marion later took pot shots around farm
Life November 30, 1942

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