Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Love Letters From WWII Returned

Lynn Ashton, left, sits with Terri and Howard Smith recently in Monroe, Mich. Antiques dealer Terri Smith paid $27.50 for a cardboard suitcase at a Toledo auction and found it stuffed with about 500 letters that Charles Ashton wrote to his wife, Ruthie, during World War II. Smith tracked down Ashton, one of Charles and Ruthie's two sons, and arranged to meet him to return the letters. (AP Photo)


Flag Gazer said...

I am always buoyed when I hear of people doing the right and good thing - that's for sharing this story!!

Steve Ramos said...

Don't you know those letters meant the world to that family. Thankfully, a kind person appreciated their value and took the time to return them. Someone less sensitive would have just tossed them. That would have been so sad.

De'on Miller said...

This is awesome. good, good people.