Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Secret Pearl

January 7

Look upon us with Thy favor, O Lord, while we behold "the land that is very far off" and yet so near to the seeing eye and the listening ear.

WAIT. Wonders are unfolding. Tremble with awe. No man can stand upon the threshhold of Eternity unshaken. I give unto you Eternal Life. A free gift, a wonderful gift--the Life of the Ages.

Silently comes the Kingdom. No man can judge when It enters the heart of man, only in results. Listen quietly. Sometimes you may get no message. Meet thus all the same. You will absorb an atmosphere.

Cultivate silence. "God speaks in silences." A silence, a soft wind. Each can be a message to convey My meaning to the heart, though by no voice, or even word.

Each word or thought of yours can be like a pearl that you drop into the secret place of another heart, and in some hour of need, lo! the recepient finds the treasure and realizes for the first time its value.

Do not be too ready to do. Just be. I said, "Be ye therefore perfect" not "do" perfect things. Try and grasp this. Individual efforts avail nothing. It is only the work of the Universal Spirit--My Spirit, that counts.
Dwell in thought on this, more and more, saints have taken a life-time to grasp it.
Russell, A.J., ed., God Calling. Barnes & Noble, 2002.

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