Friday, January 12, 2007

Virgie Bell's View

I listened to the president’s speech two nights ago and I agree with his plan completely. I also predict that we as a country will pull behind him. I have found that in 70 years on this earth that when called upon as a nation, we have always been willing to win. No matter what we have in the air or on the sea or on the land it will always be that foot soldier that goes one-on-one in the fight for freedom. They are the only real strategic force, the one that can see the whites of the eyes of evil. They will always carry the burden of freedom. In my heart of hearts I do not believe that our citizens will let congress withhold funds from our military. That is so insane. This congress should be ashamed to even mention that.

Yes, we are tired of four years of just never making any apparent progress. But give us a chance to win and watch our military excel. They are the greatest fighting force on the face of this earth, give them the tools of their trade and take the shackles of politics off them and they can and will do it. Old goofy Ted stood up yesterday and said our congress would not fund any war that the congress did not approve, well, guess what? They did approve this war by a large majority. It is just another political ploy to make us look ridiculous in the eyes of the world. It is exactly what Osama Bin Lama said about the Americans that we do not have the stomach for a protracted fight and we could just be worn down. I say he is wrong. I say the vote was not about the war but about the war as it would be waged. The silent majority is no dummy. We cast our vote when we don't like something, but the American people are full of patriotic zeal and we will do as Churchill said in World War II, we will fight them in fields, we will fight them in the city, we will fight in the air and on the sea, we will never give in. We will never, never give in and I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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