Saturday, January 13, 2007

WWII: Boomtown Buyers (final)

Top: Infant-wear Buyer Cina Clampet was saddest of all. She needs great quantities of all kinds of assorted baby merchandise. Her experience with safety pins was typical. She wanted 60 gross. Manufacturer offers her all he has--one pin, his last sample.Bottom: Bottles for Seattle's growing baby population are in great demand. Buyer wanted 1,200 of above with wide mouth, big nipple. She got 12. Small nipples can be had. Small bottles are scarce. Buyer suggests using nipples on Coca-Cola and beer bottles.

Life November 30, 1942


Besides gas prices, where are you hurting economically or provisionally from the war? I can't think of anything for me in the way of material.

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Flag Gazer said...

This is the reason that America does not know it is at war - we are far too spoiled and affluent.

Not long a go I got into a heated conversation with a "friend" about "the war" - I still don't think she believes we have troops in harms way in Afghanistan, never mind Kosovo, Phillipines, Horn of Africa, etc.

Americans - most - seem to like being in the dark and giving lip service to "support the troops".