Friday, December 29, 2006

Where I Write to You From

Weston was here the other night. You can barely see him, but you can see his elf hat on his head, there in my lap. He's looking at his picture on Gunz Up.

The fire is wonderful right now, and I hope you're as cozy as I am. Much thanks to hubby, to Aaron, and to the Father that I am allowed to heal in such peaceful surroundings.

I'm happy here. But not up for the world yet. That works for me.

Oh yeah, I look like I have a turtle face, huh?


De'on Miller said...

See the stool on the couch. Greg put that on the couch to keep Hen off.

Today when I got up, there was one more stool added to the couch.

Care to sit down?

Steve Ramos said...

Hennesy and Isaac can sit anywhere they want when they come visit me.