Friday, December 29, 2006

A Hot Night

My 91 year old cat left home the other night. It got so hot in here, we opened the door for a while and Sarah left without announcement. She wasn't discovered missing until the next day when I was about to feed the boys some turkey.

Normally, Sarah runs and gets in front of their pet door when she knows it's time for them to eat. She didn't come this night. We called, hunted, drove, felt sick inside when we realized what must have happened. We even shook her dry food a few times, because that usually gets her out of hiding. In fact, to trick her away from the pet door, I go feed her first, though usually she runs back to the kitchen with me to terrorize Hen and Isaac some more.

Greg was upset. I couldn't believe it. She never wants to go out, and I've dealt with this one for 13 years.

Greg went to bed early and I started working on some posts when the Princess showed up at the well lit front door I'd left open for her. About 10:30, I heard a loud meoww at my door, and there she was. A little smelly, but came in the door just as unconcerned and unbothered as she must've been when she left nearly 24 hours earlier.

What a cat. She keeps things colorful around here. Thank you, Father, for bringing the tiny Christmas angel back home. All is well.

I'll be back with some of our military greats. Tonight's concentration will be on the Navy Corpsmen, tomorrow night, back to our Marines of 1st Marine Division until we get them out of Guadalcanal. Then it's LT Rich and our Seabees again, Guam with 4/12 ...see how it works?

Do I confuse you any? If so, please ask and I'll try to help figure it out. I think on the new site Steve is working on, each of the writers will have different archives, so that will help for sure. There'll be lots of new features and I can't wait for it to be up! The address will be easy to remember since it's the same as the blog. And we'll put a link up on this blog to direct you to the new one.

Steve will be coming here soon though he's in the blizzardy Panhandle still. We'll have a lot to look forward to this upcoming year and I really hope you join us.

I really do look forward to it.

Later ... and
Semper Fi,


I also want to let my cousin, Tonya, know we've had her mom, Shirley, in our thoughts and prayers. Shirley had open heart surgery.

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Steve Ramos said...

Sarah? An angel? Are we talking about the same cat?!