Saturday, December 30, 2006

Virgie Bell's View

Saddam Hussein is gone today and last night the talk show hosts were going at it full force, both pro and against his hanging. Lately Allen Colmes has amazed me. I have frequently referred to my getting in and out of a snit by the time I've checked out my newspapers and drank my morning coffee, something required of my daily routine for so long that I cannot imagine what it would be like to be snit-less. But as for Allen Colmes of Hannity and Colmes let me say that if he were to teach a class in snit-ness I would be the first to grant him a lifetime achievement award. He wins hand down in a self righteous "anti-everything conservative"view of every opinion differing with his view.

I posted a view not long ago about Allen’s difference and defiance in all things political or news-worthy. I wondered what had become of the even-tempered Allen. After last night on hearing his defiance toward our military handing over Saddam to the Iraq government for hanging, I was amazed at his attitude of personal injury and righteousness of his view. I have become used to him defending O.J. and the accuser in the Duke rape case, and just about anything my snit is against, his snit is for. I concede and to him goes the victory. Allen Colmes is the winner. The last battle fought by me with my T.V. and Allen was last night as the world was awaiting the hanging of the Butcher of Baghdad.

I have to admit Colmes won by a knock-out as far as snits go. I nearly got down on my knees to ask forgiveness that I ever harbored ill will toward O.J. or Cindy Sheehan. But as the readers of Gunz-up have now been able to observe, I am the crazy old aunt locked in the attic as far as this blog is concerned. I cannot say I have ever risked my life or limb for my country or other glorious achievement. In fact, Kayla and I stand alone as contributors to this blog when it comes to military service. We have never been on a battlefield with first hand knowledge of achievement. In all things military and every political opinion pro or con, if some of us don't agree with those who disagree with us, we won't be speaking to one another by 2007, so that's my minefield, and I have not yet decided as to give it a go or not.

Allen Colmes was of the opinion that the U.S. government should have stepped in and stopped the hanging of Saddam. The U.S. military had Saddam in their custody therefore his death is on us? Pulleeez.

I know that Allen desperately wants a Democratic President next time; nonetheless, said news correspondent should honor the fact that Bush was duly elected to the office of the President by the citizens of the USA, and give up his concern with how stupid we of other opinions are. As far as I am concerned, I think O.J. Simpson got away with murder, Saddam Hussein was guilty of crimes against humanity...and Cindy Sheehan is ignorant as well. Unlike Mr. Colmes, I SUPPORT THE TROOPS.

P.S. Having just read in the internet headlines that democratic controlled congress plans to hold investigative hearings into whether Bush used manipulations to advance support for the public on the war on terror ... duh ... remember what happened on 9/11? I think I'll go watch Al Sharpton preach at the King of Soul’s funeral.... There they are: the Reverend Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Al Sharpton and Father of the Year, Michael Jackson. Democrats all.

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