Friday, December 29, 2006

Hero of the Day

Petty Officer Third Class Dustin Kirby, a U.S. Navy corpsman whose efforts to save a wounded marine in Iraq were covered in an article in early November in the International Herald Tribune, was severely wounded by an Iraqi sniper on Christmas afternoon, his family and the Marine Corps said.

The bullet struck the left side of his face while he was on the roof of Outpost Omar, the position his unit occupies in Karma, a city near Falluja in Anbar Province. He suffered extensive damage to his jaw and upper palate, but after several surgeries was conscious and on a ventilator in a military hospital in Germany, his battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth DeTreux, said by telephone Thursday.
Kirby, 22, of Hiram, Georgia, was assigned to Weapons Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines, serving as the trauma medic for the company's 2nd Mobile Assault Platoon. It was his second tour in Iraq.

He married weeks before leaving the United States.

DeTreux said Kirby, rendered speechless by the structural damage to his mouth, had begun writing notes to communicate within minutes of being shot, when he jotted a note to his platoon before being evacuated by helicopter.

In the first note he apologized to the company's senior enlisted man for being wounded, the colonel said. He then refused a stretcher and insisted on walking to the helicopter under his own power.

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"I Do Not Let People Die on Me!" - Corpsman Dustin Kirby - Someone You Should Know.

We could check this one out at the New York Times, but let's go Blackfive :) source

Be sure and read about this Corpsman if you haven't already. The story from November in Blackfive is really powerful. It's terrible he's been hurt this way, but he sure sounds like someone who will fight with all he has for recovery.

Please keep Corpsman Kirby and his family in your prayers.

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Their stories are always so amazing - their spirits so inspiring. We cannot share enough of their life stories.

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