Saturday, December 30, 2006

Photo of the Day: Boots & Rubble

If they could talk.... These are Aaron's boots from OIF 1, a bulldog with his name, DOB, DOD, and KIA Vigilant Resolve inscribed on it, and his cap from OIF 2 atop my snuggle pillow: the pillow Aaron and I argued over and I ended up sending to him in Iraq.

He got the pillow right after 2/1 lost 2 on April 12, 2004.

The pillow my son held so desperately that night, I cling to every night now.

And up front, Doc, Sgt. Rett, is some of the sand and rubble where 2/1 walked, fought, killed, and died a little bit themselves that day. It is the sand and rubble Steve brought back to me from the site where Aaron was hit.

I gathered it tonight for you both. Arranged it as if it were my heart.

I wish I could get closer to share it with you. I will never be able to repay either one of you for the love you shared with my son, for the pain brought into your own lives that day; I can't give back much of anything. But I love you both so much. I know more than a few fought to save my baby on that day, but somehow, you two have returned to me, and remain beside me as much as is possible ... while we heal.

God bless you both and keep you safe. May He make your heart light when it should be and heavy at times as well. May He never take His eye off you or His Spirit from you.

God be with each of you on your journeys and give you strength and boldness to complete that which He purposed you for.

Semper Fi,


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