Friday, December 29, 2006

Ellf caps, Bubbles and Axel

Weston is in the elf stocking cap that I stuff every year. Jess, you need to bring my stocking back to me.

Weston was determined to take it, as well as Axel home with him. Axel is the black bear I got him for Christmas. The black bear's T-shirt says Nomi and Uncle Greg love me the most.

Axel, who runs about $3. per inch is the perfect snuggle bear. For $6. per inch, I could've had him here on time. Bargains galore on the final shopping days, don't you think?

Axel is precious. And Weston wanted a teddy bear to sleep with. It came at a good time. Bubbles, Weston's goldfish with lipstick and a halo, "the little girl, " Mimi called her, swam into the filter of the aquarium.

Bubbles was buried at sea.

According to Weston, she went to Heaven. I think he's right.

P.S. Meet Axel. I don't have a photo of him. Not sure about our photographer this year!

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