Friday, December 29, 2006

Photo of the Day

Vietnam War Memorial
Washington, D.C. Sept. 2006
snapped by Greg

Aaron's dad lost two friends in Vietnam. I got waxed images of their names for Doug when I was stationed in D.C. from Oct 88 to Nov 89.

God bless the Vietnam Vet!

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aunt karen said...

God bless them all. I have an Uncle, my Dad's younger brother, who is a Vietnam Vet. Since his return from war, he's been kind of lost to us. Nothing quite right. He will come to my Dad's home every once in a while, but won't stay, off and going again. He never talked to anyone but my Dad about the war, and my Dad won't tell us what he told him of what he saw. I just pray for God to protect him wherever he is. Whatever he did or saw, we asked him to do and endure.