Friday, December 29, 2006

USS Johnston and Tin Can Sailors of Texas

Greg and I were watching the story and last battle of the destroyer, the USS Johnston on This is a really moving story. When I plugged the destroyer's name into Google, a jillion links came up. Here's one I thought was really good. It's Bill Mercer's personal account. Mercer extends this invitation on his home page:

Tin Can Sailors of Texas was formed on January 1, 1989 by a group of friends with a common past, service in the United States Navy aboard the class of ship officially known as Destroyers, but known affectionately to men of the sea as "TIN CANS."Many of the members of Tin Can Sailors of Texas are WWII sailors and represent the largest known contingent of tin can sailors who participated in ship to ship engagements. Several members have survived the sinking of their ships and others sailed to Korea and to Vietnam. We are currently seeking new members from the ranks of Korean and Gulf War veterans and other interested ex-tin can sailors.

for Mercer's account of the
Battle of Samar 25 October 1944
(Battle of Leyte Gulf) USS Johnston by Bill Mercer

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