Friday, January 05, 2007

Virgie Bell's View

Well, did we all have fun watching the festivals of the new history made in Washington D.C.? And don't you just love the giddiness and laughter of the new majority party as they put us in our place, as in, we win...we will make you so sorry that you lost … we are so very much more righteous … we are so very much more ethical and so very much more honest and by far, so much more beautiful.

It goes without saying that Ms. Speaker of the House, the gentlewoman from San Francisco has got Dennis Hastert beat in the looks department, and she has made history as the first female to be speaker, but come on.... This is because she is wife, mother, and grandmother. The women of the world unite! Ms. Pelosi has no more to do with the average woman or mother in the USA than I do with the women who govern there in D.C. Some of those who serve, it’s more like self-serve to me. But anyway, on to the important stuff like who did what to whom in politics and where they did it. Who is running for what and so on.

First of all, did any of my fellow bloggers receive one of the 75,000 Christmas Cards sent out by Mr. and Mrs. John Kerry? Me either, and I am hurt. I feel rejection at not being included in the list of their 75,000 very closest friends, and are we surprised to find out that Sandy Berger (you know the one who made the honest mistake of accidentally dropping classified documents into his socks, shoes, and underwear?) received permission from Slick Willie, who is running for first—first husband of the United States of America. Yep, and he had the future 2nd first lady (Chelsea) Clinton right next to himself and Hill-a-ry.

Last week it was noted that Obama had that elusive ‘IT’ quality and this week, we find out that he did coke and pot and crack etc. But hey, I want to be your president in 2008 ... even though I did indeed inhale, I want to serve, serve, serve.

Truth be known, I can assure you that Hill-a-ry and Bill-a-ry will use the info to get her into the White House so she can serve, serve, serve. I want to call attention to the fact that Bill never inhaled when he smoked pot. What a waste of a good joint. I think Obama did inhale. But on to cute.

Who do you think is the cutest? Is it Hillary or Nancy? Or is it Sheila Jackson Lee or even Cindy Sheehan? Remember folks, this is not a scientific poll, just something to keep you occupied while we wait for American Idol to start so we can get our minds off those who serve, serve, serve, and onto the latest entertainer who has shed her panties in order to celebrate the failure of her long, and successful two year marriage to Kevin Federline. I hope to hear more of Ms. Spears in the coming year on tips to a happy marriage and the joys of motherhood—right along with words of wisdom from her french-kissed-best-pal, Madonna. You go girl. I am also looking forward to the latest in the feud between The Donald and The no longer Queen of Nice. And of course, to hearing more exciting news of the Chicks from Dixie.

And so to everyone who has a title and a prefix of Ms., Miss, Madam, first lady or first husband, I want to tell you who is the winner by a long shot and that is me. My official title? It is 'My Granny' as in Kayla's post. 'My Granny' beats the heck out of all the rest, and no matter what Kayla’s Granny will SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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De'on Miller said...

Hi Granny!

Good post and I'm glad you touched on the "history" of it all, Mom. I really thought Gunz Up should touch on that.

I tried to last night, b/c it's cool that women can do this and I want every little girl to dream ...
but when I got to her and tried to pull something out of it all, I felt silly.

She greatly concerns me. And I wish President Bush the very best of health and long long life.