Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Taliban Dating Service

At the top right it says: I am a man looking to own 1.) a woman; 2.) camel; 3.) goat

Under Osama's pic it says: "Osama says: Before I found this site my love life was limited to beasts of the field, but now I have found many women to subjugate and brutalize. Nice job."

The pics are all of veiled women, and the little headlines above their pics are : I'm winking at you; I can't see anyone here; Make me 1 of your wives; R U A terrorist with a heart; I declare a jihad on you baby.

On all of them it has:
Occupation: Not Allowed
Income: Not Allowed
Hobbies: Not Allowed.


De'on Miller said...

are these from the link I gave you as a gift? Wasn't that a pretty good site?

Steve Ramos said...

I got this one from another site.