Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hey, We're Smart!!

When I was in the Air Force, our commanders never tired of telling us that we were the intellectual elite of the U.S. military. They told us, over and over, that the Marines and the Army were the babysitters, taking the men and women the Air Force wouldn't have. Now, don't start chunking things at me. I'm just telling you what they would say to us ... don't kill the messenger, OK?!!

Anyway, an incident during basic training made me wonder about the intellectual might of the Air Force. We were in the dayroom, receiving some kind of instruction from our TI when he was interrupted by a voice coming in over the speaker. Our TI was told his wife just called, and she said "the rabbit died." We all cheered in congratulations. For those of you too young to remember this euphemism, it meant that a woman was pregnant. Decades ago, rabbits were used in the pregnancy tests.

A few days later, my flight was in the middle of a GI party, and for some reason, we were wondering if our TI lived on or off base. I don't remember why we were discussing that -- it's just more evidence of our superior brains. Anyway, one of the guys said, "I think he lives off base in the country somewhere."

I asked him whey he thought that, and he said, "He has to live out in the country if he has animals. Don't you remember when they told him his rabbit died?"

Footnote: The Air Force failed to mention that our brains also were pickled. While I was stationed at Sheppard in Wichita Falls, our Airman's Club had the distinction of having the highest alcohol consumption rate in Texas. GO AIR FORCE!


De'on Miller said...

Test Question: What does my house look like if I need a GI party at my house?

Hint: There aren't enough GI's and that's including the army of two million.

Another good test question: who is the army of two million?

aunt karen said...

The house must look pretty bad because the Army of 2 million is the Imperial Japanese Army.
The GI party, would we use them to help clean up or mess up?

aunt karen said...

To clean up! GI for "government issue" or "galvanized iron" describing the 40 gallon garbage cans used to clean up. You're tough Teach!

De'on Miller said...

You're good! Sgt Rett is recruiting! You are their dream person!

GI Karen!

Whooo, I've never liked messing with you!

De'on Miller said...

and the army of 200 million? :)

aunt karen said...

China's 200 Million Man Army. It may be what's talked about in Revelations in the end times. Whew, this has been a testy weekend! I'm watching my back for Steve and that crowbar! I hope this doesn't turn to Combat, I have had some Seabee training!

De'on Miller said...

:) all of you are great! Just think, you guys will be the mostest, bestest, smartest commentors around!