Saturday, January 06, 2007

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Three F-16s scrambed from Langley Air Force Base to protect the nation's capital on Sept. 11, 2001. Lt. Col. Brad Derrig, who flew the alert mission that day, piloted the last flight aboard the retired aircraft in December 2006. He called the cross-country trip a historic moment for the 119th Fighter Wing, known as the Happy Hooligans.

The F-16s were retired in December. The planes no longer are "relevant and useful" to the Air Force, Derrig said.

Go Air Force!


jarhead john said...

I guess the new Joint Strike Fighter is expected to fill many roles, but it's still sad to see some of the "old" birds mothballed.

Steve Ramos said...

It is sad. I know they're machines, but it's easy to attribute qualities to them that make us love them.