Saturday, January 06, 2007

To Be ... At COP South (Not.)

This is the beginning of the "CAPTION THIS" game, which will last for the next 5 posts.

I'll caption it, you caption it, and then maybe LT Rich or Kadet Karen (don't you like it better spelling it that way? Then, we might even shorten it to K.K., sort of like her husband's name is G. G.)

Ah well, back to the game. Rule is, every caption must begin with "To Be ..." Ready, Set, GO!

To Be ..."Anywhere else but here!"


aunt karen said...

To Be...Out in the Wild, Wild West.

So dangerous, but I took comfort in that it would be hard for the bad guys to sneak up on them, nothing to hide behind!

Steve Ramos said...

De'on, De'on, De'on ... please don't start spelling country with a "K" as in Kuntry Kitchen! And here I've been bragging to everyone who will listen about you becoming a great American writer who will be studied in classrooms.

My caption would be "To be sure, the first thing I'm gonna do when I get home is get rid of the kids' sandbox."

De'on Miller said...

All righty then. No more misspellings, besides, the test will be coming up soon and I must hold my credibility!