Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Virgie Bell's View

As per usual in Sundays Edition a columnist who I will in the future try to keep up with gives some good news...His name is Victor Davis Hanson and he seems to be one of the good guys...He said that Iran is in a world of hurt with the embargos that are being used against the evil empire...and that the best thing is to let it suffer in silence...in other words no dialogue is necessary. I have noticed that there is a faction in Iran that likes things of the west. Recently on Fox News it showed that the women and some men are very big into nose jobs...and that it is the Caucasoid that is the type of nose they are going far. It also seems that there are some students at universities that rebel pretty strongly against what they see as an out of date leadership no longer in their best interest. This has cropped up in the news a few times and is worth looking for as good signs to look for. If the people rebel it is pretty hard for dictators to hold them down.

This is really a very good sign...These are an educated people and they are the ones that Saddam's last words of "Death to America and death to Persia"...This would be of the handwriting on the wall, mentioned in the book of Daniel, and as I mentioned before the symbolism of the bear of the four beasts. The bear is also the symbol of the final Anti-Christ. Dan.7.5 Rev.13.2 are the same bear...and if God was to grant me my greatest wish, it would be that I could set down and read Revelations and Daniel as easy as I find other books to read today. But we are looking at God’s words as told by Daniel the prophet and it is a kept secret book ...Michael the arch-angel told Daniel, “Go thy way, Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.” But it is revealed to us through Revelations...Christ himself said the end will not come until the fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel be fulfilled. It was a saying in my childhood by my mother that if it is the handwriting on the wall it is complete and also true. I do intend to spend my future in research of this mystery, but just this part of the scripture would take years to study. Of course you may buy and read other interpretations, but in the end it is just that...someone else's interpretation. I really believe we are called according to God’s purpose and His word is revealed to us by that purpose.

This is just a little heads up on what I find interesting...something like pray for your leader for he is appointed by God whether it be for good or evil. If we even for one minute think we will change God’s will in our lives, in other words, if he doesn’t control global warming... it ainta...a...gonna...happen...Fool's Folly Prov. 17.12---Wicked Rulers Prov. 28.15 are warning of things that are set in stone or in the mind of God. In fact, God laughs at our puny effort to control these events that must come to pass...trust me on that. But you can look it up for yourself. Really God’s word can rightly be divided. It says so in the Bible. Divide is to give a portion to however many . There are some who have God’s Word tattooed on their heart and some have to get off the milk onto the meat...or study.

You will know if you are gifted in that department. I am and I know Karen is. I love Bible Study with Karen and I do some of some nearly every time we are together. She has several friends who share that with her in her workplace, so you may take God out of the government but you will not take God out of the people who work within this government system. That is really the only reason I fully support Bush. I believe that he does believe and with God nothing shall be impossible.

You know what? I'm going to do some pretty deep study in the afore mentioned Proverbs. Karen turn to Bear in the bible part we always go to ...also what else I am going to do today? The thing I do easily everyday, I WILL



aunt karen said...

Loved this post, Virgie. I got my lovely study bible out and did some references about the bear. I love to hear you're interpretations of the Bible's words to us, and I learn so much more when we share our interpretations. That's our quality time.

Anonymous said...

You bet it is quality time...anytime spent with my best friend is quality Virgie Bell says