Saturday, January 06, 2007

To Be ... Photogenic Wih Weaponry


to be ... "the female in this photo who will appreciate PASTELS."
qUESTION: why is her uniform different?


aunt karen said...

To Be....In the company of the XO.

This is Michelle Breax, Rich's Battalion XO, on one of her visits out to COP South. Rich sent these pictures to me through Michelle, since they had no internet most of the time while they were out there. She e-mailed them to me when she returned to Al Asad. He told me that the Marines were able to get the internet up out there for short periods of time, but it would go down if there had been casualties or fatalities, in leu of contacting families. I owe Michelle my state of mind during this mission. She kept in constant contact with me, letting me know that Rich was safe. I could never thank her enough, but I tried by sending her care packages also. She is an amazing, strong, compassionate woman, and this was her second tour to Iraq. In one of her many e-mails to me, she told me that one day some wounded Marines were brought to Al Asad. She snuck away from her normal work of the day to go to the hospital. When she arrived, she noticed one wounded Marine was by himself, while everyone was working on the more seriously wounded. She went over to him, held his hand and talked with him for awhile, until he was attended to. She said she couldn't imagine being alone in a situation like that. Due to her kindness, this Marine's Commander later sent her a letter thanking her for taking care of his Marine. This Marine also later contacted her and thanked her for her compassion. He said his recovery was going quickly and he would never forget her giving him her time and that it was a strong factor in his recovery. I am so proud that we have women like this in our Military.

aunt karen said...

I didn't notice her uniform being different until now. Lt Rich will have to answer this question.

Steve Ramos said...

"To be a woman who can outcrow anything in the barnyard."

De'on Miller said...

I figured this must be Michelle. I'm thankful you had her, Karen, and that's awesome that she took care of the Marine that way.

Yes, we have the best men and WOMEN in the world WHO serve US! Isn't that incredible!