Saturday, January 06, 2007

To Be ...A Kudos for Steve

CAPTION THIS: I'll take $500. for, To Be ... "In the Navy where I'm allowed a five o'clock shadow. Shoulda joined the Air Force like Steve, then I wouldn't be in this 5 star deployment ..."


To Be ... "A Little Too Happy for This."


aunt karen said...

To Be...Trudging though moon dust for months!
When it came time for Thanksgiving at COP South, the Seabee's higher-ups sent a Thanksgiving meal out to them. Richard and his Chiefs abstained, to make sure their was enough to share with the Marines out there. When the Marine's higher-ups sent out a Thanksgiving meal a day or two later, the Marines reciprocated with the Seabees. There was plenty and Rich said he ate his fill. The good deed was returned. Don't you love the brotherhood? I know I do. They make sure to take care of each other.

Steve Ramos said...

"To be sitting in comfortable Air Force quarters knowing our Marine and Army brothers have our backs."

Steve Ramos said...

Oh, and Air Force personnel are deployed in Iraq!

De'on Miller said...

I love yours, Steve! lol. And I know they're in Iraq! But I don't see them at COP South doing their laundry...which is fine. We all have our place in this thing. huh?

Karen, that is such a great story, aren't they the best. Nothing like me in Girl Scouts when I bit off my extra cookie so I wouldn't have to share it!

Steve Ramos said...

I met a soldier in Iraq who had this miniature washing machine that his family sent to him. It was so cool!!

De'on Miller said...

That is cool. Parents and family come up with neat ideas. I always liked packing the boxes and searching for something unique. the tiny etch a cute, but not a washing machine.