Friday, January 05, 2007

Photos of the Day

Which war is memorialized here?

How many troops did we lose?


Flag Gazer said...

I love the Korean War Memorial. It is such a beautiful and respectful place.

Flag Gazer said...

ps - great photos of the statues.

De'on Miller said...

Oh, thanks. They looked so life-like.

aunt karen said...

The Forgotten War

33,741 US Dead
23,615 Killed In Action
92,134 US Wounded
4,820 US Missing In Action declared Dead
7,245 Prisoners Of War
2,847 Died in POW Camps
389 POWs known to be alive after all US POWs supposedly returned.

De'on Miller said...

I wouldn't try to argue with those numbers if my blog depended on it! You're good.

And God rest their souls and their memories. Uncle Lonnie was in this war too.