Monday, January 01, 2007

Kayla's Info

My New Year resolution is to save 700 dollars in change. I will just pick up any penny or whatever coin and save it in a jar. What I will do with it is unknown. But a math teacher was telling the class about it and I thought that it would be a cool idea. I already have like half a medium sized jar. Of course the size depends on what kind of size you are picturing in your head. But it would be cool of you commented what your resolutions are.

I just updated my profile a tad. It has my new favorite song. It is called "Boston" by Augustana. My favorite part about it is the lyrics. I love them. Maybe I can find the words on the internet and post it. Then y' all could see why I love it so much. But it is a girl who wants to start over.

Earlier I mentioned a books I was reading called " Chosen by a Horse" and it is awesome. I am just barely finishing it because I used to read just one chapter a night but today I will finish it. My granny bought it for me. Thank you granny it is a great book. Right now it is sad but I just hope it gets happier at the end but it is hard to tell. Later I will read a book my sis- in- law loaned me but I forgot what it was called. I am sure it will be good. I also need to finish my Nicholas Sparks ones. Well thinking of all these books has me thinking I need to go read.


De'on Miller said...

I'm glad you're reading Baby Girl. How was the movie? I'm anxious to read the lyrics to the new fav.

I don't really have any resolutions yet, but since Christmas came late, I guess I can come up with them later.

Love you!

Lisa said...

I'm gonna try and be a little less stressed in this busy, busy world in which we live. I guess I am starting out good, because in a week I will be on the Blues Cruise. They say it is total relaxation. If that is true then hey guess if I keep my resolution I won't be back.ha
My next one is going on with my Bible Study group and learning more of the word that I am finally understanding. I guess that comes with age, not by smarts. I'm no genius with it by any means, but I sure love knowing who, is who and that they are mess ups just like us. Like they say misery loves company.ha

Steve Ramos said...

My resolution? Hmmmmm. Maybe I'll work on my procrastination. I'll write down my resolutions tomorrow. Well, by next week for sure. For sure by February.