Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Arm of Love

January 2

You are to help save others. Never let one day pass when you have not reached out an arm of Love to someone outside your home--a note, a letter, a visit, help in some way.

Be full of Joy. Joy saves. Joy cures. Joy in Me. In every ray of sunligt, every smile, every act of kindness, or love, every trifling service--joy.

Each day do something to lift another soul out of the sea of sin, or disease or doubt into which man has fallen. I still walk to-day by the lakeside and call My Disciples to follow Me and to become fishers of men.

The helping hand is needed that raises the helpless to courage, to struggle, to faith, to health. Love and laugh. I am with you. I bear your burdens. Cast your burden upon Me and I will sustain thee. And then in very lightheartedness you turn and help another with the burden that is pressing too heavily upon him or her.

How many burdens can you lighten this year? How many hearts can you cheer? How many souls can you help?

And in giving, you gain: "Good measure, pressed down and running over." I your Lord have said it.

Russell, A.J., ed. God Calling. Barnes & Noble, 2002.

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