Saturday, January 06, 2007

To Be ... an inspiration to others ...

In another comment on December 29, 2006, Karen wrote:

Yes, De'on, Operation Steel Curtain was a Marine Operation, not Seabee. I just printed off the article for that Op for the scrapbook to show what was going on in the area Rich was in at that time. In conjuction with Steel Curtain, there were other Marine Ops going on during those months at the Syrian border. I could always feel the excitement from Rich when he would write about our Marines and the Marines his battalion was supporting. He got to go out on a patrol with the Marines while he was out at COP South and I think he was just as proud of that as anything he built out there. He loves our Marines as much as he does his Seabees.

This post is dedicated to the Navy & the Marines.

I guess it must have been sometime before Richard started on COP South that he started to work on an article about Aaron. It's very touching and I can't do the layout justice on the format here.

Besides, I'd really like for you to take a look at the nine page publication of the Double Deuce's November 10, 2005 issue, if you haven't already.

The stories are good and the photos show all the hard work that went into Richard's mission to build many "somethings" out of nothing.

Way to go Seabees!

Click here for the PDF file. So, I hope you have Adobe, and then zoom in at about 163% to get the full, full view.

The article LT Windham wrote about Aaron is on page 2.

Thanks, Rich.


aunt karen said...

I love these Double Deuce newsletters. They were published mostly bi-weekly. Rich's XO would give me a heads up when one was about to be available. I looked forward to getting and printing these off as much as mail and e-mails every month that they were in Iraq. They all have such great articles and truly beautiful photography.

Steve Ramos said...

Those newsletters must have been lifelines for you and your family, Karen. Very cool.