Sunday, December 31, 2006

Virgie Bell's View

It is almost time to bid another year good-bye and to welcome a new year in, and as per usual, I shall do my celebration by having my nose buried in a book while Jerry slumbers beside me. It is really not a bad way to greet the coming year and bid adieu to things past. In fact, I rather like this part of the year, seems we can all sort of clean the slate of past mistakes and look forward to some achievement, if we don't aim too high.

I guess Ellen DeGeneres gave pretty good advice in today's Parade Magazine. The little newsy tucked into to the Sunday edition of my newspaper. She gives this advice to keep New Year’s resolutions: keep your list, keep it short, keep it real, and keep on truckin. Ms … Miss ... whatever her prefix to her name is called, says in the article that she underwent hypnosis in order to quit smoking and that she achieved success with this form of treatment. I think I read somewhere that the first requirement is to genuinely have a desire to quit. Well to be honest, it is the one thing I enjoy and it is very hard to give up something you really like. I have remained in a suspended state of longing to want to, but have somehow never got beyond that desiring to desire. Addiction to nicotine is possibly one of the hardest addictions to overcome, so kudos to Ms … Miss ... oh well ... at least she was able to succeed and is now smoke free.... She is also able to brag about the fact (as I have noticed most that quit smoking are prone to do, in fact, that has almost become part of the name they have for themselves). She also recommends using this list of resolutions celebrating what is right about yourself (as in she is now a non-smoker.) She also has a goal of not going to beauty school in this coming year, as well as to not exercise until the summer of 2007. Now that I can relate to, and will probably be successful in at least one of these endeavors. I am pretty sure I won’t go to beauty school, but on to the next subject which is not about prefix or titles before one's name but about names given by parents.

The list of democratic contenders is getting a bit long. As in Hillary, a one-word-no-prefix-or-title required. (As in Elvis). She pointed this fact out while she was still first lady, gleefully I might add. Another one that has thrown his hat in the ring as a challenger is Senator John Edwards, 'Not to be confused with a Ken Doll.' His words not mine. If he hadn't used the comparison I don't think I would have ever made the connection. When I look at him now, my mind jumps to connect the two. Is this good or is this just smart politically, name recognition? What about The as in The Donald? Or even Theresa Heinz also known as Theresa Heinz Kerry, until she dropped the Kerry part in favor of Heinz, as in ketchup on your grocery shelf. For a little while when her husband was the candidate for president, she told a room full of toughs that she wanted to be known as their Mama T. You know, as in Mr. T.? Also known for the quote: “I pity the fool,” or what about "That Woman" or “that Monica Lewinsky" as in Hillary & Bill or Hillary Rodom Clinton? Who also would like to be known as Madam President. Get it? Well, at least I can assure the readers that no matter what I am called, I WILL SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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