Saturday, January 06, 2007

tO bE ... sOMeBodY hELp THe pOOr mAN uP!


I'm going with, To Be ... "back in the LAND OF THE FREE, please?!"


aunt karen said...

To Be...Fighting to stay clean!

When Michelle e-mailed this pic to me for Rich, I e-mailed back saying that I was cleaning house that day, and I felt so guilty doing my laundry here in the comfort of my home, while she and Rich were having to do their laundry this way. She was quick to tell me NOT to feel guilty. She said, " Richard, I and others choose this job and love it. This just goes along with it. If I didn't want to be here, I wouldn't be a Seabee. "
I still sent Rich a ton of socks. He said, "thanks, I was getting kind of tired of the bucket thing."

Steve Ramos said...

"To be thankful for that loud washing machine back home that hops around during the spin cycle."

De'on Miller said...

I always sent Aaron socks, so he could have enough to throw away!