Sunday, December 31, 2006

WWII History Question: What about Ensign Gay?
Semper Fi


Steve Ramos said...

Wasn't he the only survivor of the Hornet's torpedo squadron during the Battle of Midway? I believe he recently wrote a book.

aunt karen said...

Smart....Alec? Hmmmmm, you're fast! Competition? I'll have to buckle down.
The trust those men had in thier Commander, thier Lt's and training, never facing combat before is unbelievable.

Steve Ramos said...

You're gonna have to get up mighty early Karen! hehe. World War II and the Civil War are my favorites. So many Americans don't realize the importance of the Battle of Midway. I have to believe that God was with the United States military that day. A Japanese victory would have ensured an invasion of our West Coast.

I'm glad De'on is doing this work. I have no idea how many hours she spends on it, but it has to be a full-time job. She gets good benefits, though. She gets to associate with us!