Thursday, February 01, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: Half-Time Entertainment Now Aired for the Humpteenth Time

If you happened to miss the event of the season, the march on Washington by that eclectic bunch of protesters, then I hope you were one of those of us fortunate enough who got to see several reruns yesterday. Like the Super Bowl, it will be talked about for years. I’ve wondered why they didn't have a half-time during the march. Well bless me; I finally realized the whole thing is a half-time celebration. I finally got a glimpse of this spectacular parade. The general idea being for and then against everything in the universe and that is a difficult feat. It is taught in a college classroom and is called activism.

Please do not mistake Ms. Fonda or her bunch for this though; they never attended a college class of any kind. No, they are the ones who walk across a stage and receive honorary degrees in other things as well as activism. I finally understood and was relived. However, I still couldn’t pin down some of the causes. The Plus-Size Women with Feather Tiaras and New Year’s Paper Horns. So happy and so giggly. Hmmm.... So that is antiwar? The clowns too?

I see.

Well if it hadn't have been for Fonda and crew, I swear I would have missed it. Now I also need to amend one statement by Ms. Sarandon. No, Susan, we did not give India a nuclear reactor for a million mangos. We gave North Korea a nuclear reactor for the peaceful process of blowing the United States into ashes. We did that with President Clinton. Bush is the one that is left with the happy task of trying to disarm it.

I love to take all the little polls and yesterday they had one with about eight people who one might or might not want for president. Nancy Pelosi has the honor of 80% not wanting her. So we now have two representatives from New Mexico trying to impeach Bush and Cheney. No one pays much attention to representatives from New Mexico, at least I hope not. I don’t want Ms. Pelosi for President either. I am ashamed of Mr. Biden for calling Obama clean. I also want to sign up for the next protest by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Clean is a racist remark and they intend to march against it. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!

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