Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm Back

I don't believe it. After many days of not being able to log on, I can. De'on is going to be busy today, so she asked me to look after the blog. I was going to log on with her username and password, but I thought I'd try mine -- again. And here I am. It's almost as if I looked in the mirror and saw a full head of hair again. I'm that excited.

De'on asked in one of her recent posts for our opinions about posting stories that deal with grief. It would be impossible to write about the Marines and the U.S. military and not talk about grief. We can't pretend that men and women don't die, and we should talk about it. It's the reality of war.

In the Hispanic culture, we have a different view of death. In November, we celebrate the Day of the Dead, and it's a time of honoring and remembering our loved ones who have passed. We go to the cemeteries, laden with their favorite meals and decorations that transform somber gravesites into joyful reminders that there is, indeed, life after death.

We're taught death is a natural part of life and shouldn't be feared. Do we miss those who have gone on? Absolutely. Do we grieve and face emotional pain that is sometimes inconsolable? You betcha. But during that one day in November, joy marches into our hearts and dispels the emotional darkness. We need that day.

De'on, your writings about the natural process of grief are incredible prose. Your words will be a balm for many grieving hearts. Although the subject is death, you write in a way that cools the fever of pain. It's your gift.


Flag Gazer said...

Welcome Back!!!!

I envy the "Day of the Dead" tradition.

My grandmother used to cling to Memorial Day - it was her day to remember and visit graves and to complain because she wasn't in the same state as some of the graves. No matter how many times (I was younger and foolish then) I would try to explain what Memorial Day was meant to be, I still drove her to the cemeteries and listened to her stories. I realize now that it is as close as we come to having a day to honor those we have lost.

We would be much healthier if we could share our grief and honor our dead by speaking about them.

Diane said...

Amen Steve!

steve ramos said...

As Christians, we place so much of our hope in the Resurrection. So, those who have passed are living ... only in a different form. We should celebrate that.

Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

Steve, you and De'on both have the gift of writing. I'm a reader, not a writer, and I appreciate your words here more than I can express. I always look forward to what I'll find each morning.

Steve Ramos said...

Semper fi mom, you have no idea how much it helps De'on to know that. She gives so much to this blog. So very much. And she would do it even if only one person read it. I'm glad you found us and we found you.

De'on Miller said...

SFM aka MM: YOU ARE A WRITER. And your words touch me deeply/

Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

That's sweet of you De'on, but I'm just a "talker". I just visit with people on my blog.

You and Steve can make me see things in my mind's eye and evoke emotions that only those with a special gift can. God bless you both!!