Monday, January 29, 2007

Virgie Bell's View: March Madness

As I said recently in one of my postings that we could look for Jesse Jackson to lead in a protest against Valentines Day, unless something came up first. Well something did come up and there he was in all his lack of glory. It was the big protest against the War on Terror. I didn't see much of it. I just watched enough to see which celebrity icons were featured. Turns out to be the same old, same old. The toothy Susan Sarandon and her live-in Timothy, whatever his name is. Then of course, there’s Hanoi Jane. She’s of the famous Fonda name and really not much else since her dad passed away. The only one that was new was Sean Penn. If you missed seeing him with his camera in Iraq on his famous fact finding fiasco, you might still catch a glimpse with his boat "which sank" clutching his rifle in his arms, on his way to help victims of Katrina. No one seems to know what he planned to do with his rifle. But hey, he looked cool. He might have been going to fight the War on Terror and just got it mixed up as to where the battleground really was. Who knows with this guy? He has been in more famous fights than anyone could ever count starting with the paparazzi when he was married to the Material Girl. He didn't want his picture taken then but can’t seem to stay out of the limelight in any other situation. Well with his boat sinking and his gun not fired, I don't suppose we will ever know. I am sure whatever his intention, it was a doozy.

Jane Fonda had the most famous speech and it was this. “It took six years for the Gold Star Mothers to march against the war in Vietnam, but only three years to march on the war that George Bush has created." Thank you, Miss Hanoi for getting us straight on that. She refused to press charges on the Vietnam veteran who spit tobacco juice in her face. I really wish she would have done so, but like Sean Penn, she knows which publicity to court. The Marine would have brought back all of the actions that exposed her for the traitor she was. She was married to some politician in California, Hayden, who was the father of her children. She later became the sex symbol, then the exercise queen, then the most famous role of all, Mrs. Ted Turner: he who hasn't made up his mind if he was for us or against us, ‘us’ being the United States of America. The marriage fell apart because she became a Christian. He is an Atheist. Lately she has been going off on little rendezvous with him. Perhaps to convert him or to reinforce the concept that marriage dooms a perfect love. Maybe just to show solidarity with Ms. Sarandon. Like Sean Penn's rifle, we are left to figure this out. The Gold Star Mother that she was referring to was the newly wealthy Cindy Sheehan and her little hanger-ons that fight against the other Gold Star Mothers who support the troops. The protesters were of course the same ones that travel all over this land to protest everything in the world from coast to coast, furnished by Jesse Jackson.

Anyway, I want to mention Al Sharpton who was not mentioned in the papers. He was on television protesting other events. I have come to the conclusion that maybe we can look to these famous protesters to unite against marriage and march for Valentine’s Day to become the international holiday for the truly in love who are against marriage. It seems to be the only thing that brings these worthies together. Do you now understand what I'm trying to say? Well neither do I, so I think I will just stick to what I do best. I'll rack up the muck on the muckers and forever SUPPORT THE TROOPS!


Diane said...

Go Virgie Bell Go!

I loved this article and AMEN!

De'on Miller said...

Her snits are charming in their own right.