Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hey, hey, hey everybody ...

I haven't been awake very long ... so I definitely am behind on a couple of things around here.

Just wanted to let you know that Steve is not ignoring us. While it's true that he can't log in to post, it's also true that between our new site and the two jobs he got out of it, he's pretty busy. He wants to get through with that and hopefully soon he will be moving here and he and I will be starting our book as well as regularly posting on our new site.

Billy is in the middle of important family things as he has just recently completed his last tour at Pendleton and is in the process of moving, etc. He emailed me and said he'll be back posting real soon.

Mom (Virgie Bell) is not behind at all. Her editor is. I've said something about it before, but I'll mention it again for new readers. Mom types her posts in an email and sends them to me and I edit it, not the words, unless she's so excited about the thing she's writing about (by excited I mean in a major snit) that some of the words have fallen off the page somewhere, but anyway, I get everything in paragraph order. That way, she doesn't have to learn to use new computer functions, which she despises. She is so cute. Really. She's given me 52 exciting years, and her loyalty is unsurpassed. I think that's where Aaron got his loyalty from.

But anyway, she's emailed me a couple, and usually hers are timely, so I'll get those up and get started on mine.

But first I must come alive and make dinner for my hubby who should be coming in the door soon.

We keep some hours, huh? Greg and I do well together. Some of that good Army training. We deal with deployments and odd hours. He's a good man, but he too, is far behind on his posting.

Kayla, well. She's 13 and in a new school that she thinks is southern. I think what she must mean by this is that she's forced to take Ag. Not really an Ag. girl this one, though I did try to introduce it to her once.

While I was working at the Lea County Extension Office, I signed her up in 4-H. On our first meeting, I had pointed out one of the animals to her and said, "Oh look at the little lamb, Kayla."

She agreed on the cuteness of the animal, and then later when the 4-H member got up and introduced himself and our cute little lamb, we learned that he was working on a goat project and our lamb was his goat.

Well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But we didn't make it very far in 4-H.

Back later and love,


steve ramos said...

Nope, I'm not ignoring anyone. I've told De'on that I've got several balls in the air right now. I'm trying to finish a couple of projects so that I'll be in a position to work with De'on on our book. I don't know why I wasn't born the heir to some fortune!

Anonymous said...

Yep, thats my girls how funny Virgie Bell Says

Diane said...

LOLOL! This just cracked me up!