Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Prayer Request

Please keep my dad, Harvey Grigsby in your prayers also.

He fell early this morning and broke the ball in his hip, which will have to be repaired.

I know he's tough, and no doubt sick about all this with his Super Bowl plans being put on hold, possibly.

Doctors and nurses always remark on how tough he is, because he'll usually say his pain level is a 3 or 4 (which would be a sixteen for most). This morning he said it was an 8 or 9, so we knew he hurt. But even with this 8 or 9, he's not complaining or showing any signs of distress. Even the ambulance driver remarked on how shocked he was that Dad was not complaining more. It was hard for any of the medical staff to believe it was really broken.

But Dad's had a time of it ... so we sure could use your prayers. And much thanks.



Anonymous said...

You know I pray practically every single night. If I forgot it's because I fell asleep prematurely. I'll pray for him in just a bit, getting ready to hit the rack in a few. God Bless and Semper Fi!

DONNA said...

Deon,You and Harvey are in my prayers,Harvey you get well,so i can give you a big ole hug,I love you,Donna

Diane said...

I will keep your Father in my daily prayers.

De'on Miller said...

thank you. really. it means everything.