Monday, January 29, 2007

Marine and Marine Mom Need Urgent Prayer says Semper Fi Mom!

Again, I've taken the liberty of copying a post, and once again, it's important. I just found it over at Lubbock Marines Parents and wanted to pass it on to you all. Here it is:


Please Pray!
I would like to ask for your prayers for one of our Marines and Marine moms. The Marine was injured in a car accident. When we left the hospital last night he was in critical condition, but stable. We are headed back to the hospital, ao I don't have time for a longer post, but I know the family would appreciate your prayers. Thank you so much! We love y'all!


Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

Thank you De'on! I'll be heading back to the hospital soon to check on them and I will give you an update. As of last night, his blood pressure was where it's supposed to be, so that's good.

steve ramos said...

You're awesome to provide support, semper fi mom. Prayers are important, but so is action. You're great.

De'on Miller said...

Yes, keep us posted on the situation.

Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

Thanks Steve, but it's not just me. There are several of us Marine moms "tag-teaming" and the Marines are doing the same. He is part of the local reserve unit and when I got there Saturday the halls were already lined with Marines. The nurses had told his mom that only family members would be allowed to see him and she said that each of those Marines in the hall ARE the nurse let them in 2 at a time. Don't argue with a Marine mom! ;)

His cranial pressure is slowly creeping down and blood pressure is remaining stable, surprising the doctors.

De'on Miller said...

Our prayers continue. Those Marines going in will help too. They are after all, his brothers.

Thank you SFM. We appreciate the updates and your care and concern for the Marine and for his family.

Diane said...

Prayers going out to this Marine and his Mother.